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The What? How? and Why? of "Link in bio"
James Schulze
2 min
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Drive traffic & sales from Social Media

"Link in Bio" is essentially a call to action, guiding users to more information.

Almost every social network has space for additional links.

This could be, more info on them, where they work, to their website. Pretty much a space for a link to anywhere.

So why should I care?

Well let's say, a visitor finds you on a social network. They're interested to learn more about you, your brand, or your company. Now chances are, you've got a lot of information on that social network, which could help them. But, what if you wanted to guide everyone from your social network to another page.

Maybe your marketing on one social network is different to another social network. Maybe your audience differs in age group, gender, interests, and so forth.

Maybe your marketing changes from video, to text, to images...

What if you could guide all your different users onto one page?

That's where mypage comes in.

A page that houses all your links on one web page. Giving the user the option of how best to connect with you. Pretty powerful statement huh...

So let's start driving tons of traffic to your page.

It's even easier to share your work with your followers - a new product or service, your latest blog, a new workout package, or an article you’ve recently published!

Here's how to add mypage to your link in bio on Instagram

  1. Open your profile
  2. Click the share button on the bottom of mypage
  3. Copy your unique link (
  4. Open the Instagram App
  5. Click edit profile
  6. Paste your mypage link into the website field
  7. Tap done

And voilà!

Your unique link looks a little like this:

Start adding your unique link to all your social media, and connect your online world!

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