Is your business digital ready?

Why you should get your business digital ready. The only way you’re going to know when you get there is by measuring and tracking results. ‍
James Schulze
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The digital and online market is booming!

A question that pops up a lot and people are looking into, is, are you ready? Is your business digital ready? Are you taking your business online? Are you working online? Are you working remotely?

It can all be quite an overwhelming question if asked open ended really…

The short answer is probably, “I don’t know”.

So, how can we answer this question, if we are to answer it at all? Where do we start?

Well, where do all great builders and architects start? With the foundation of course. So have a look into your business and start there. Fundamentally we’re talking accounting, legal, and strategies here.


First I’d start with the legal… Whatever business you’re in, you’re going to have to follow the long arm of the law. So have a look at what industry you’re in, and what the rules are. Follow the process, and see what can be done to digitize any part of it. From here, make sure you abide by the latest privacy policy changes, stick it on your website and get a refresher on your terms of use. Make sure you comply with the regulations in your field. The best advice here is, get informed.


Next step, start looking into your accounting. Who doesn’t love chatting numbers? Might be worth chatting to your accountant directly and perhaps using one of the many accounting platforms out there, to best suit your own needs. This really is a key component in any business, to know what is actually going on, coming in and going out. What's working, what's not, where is all the money? You really need to be in control of your books, to be in control of your business.


From this point, you’ve got the law and accounts under control, so you feel a bit more confident, and you’re starting to build momentum. So don’t stop there… Start branching out into your business from this point.

Have a look at your website and see what enhancements can be made.

- Can you add a live chat bot to engage with your customers?

- Can you add voice search or make video a core part of your marketing strategy?

- How can you benefit from everyone, and everything going more and more online?

- What parts of your business can you streamline and be more efficient in?

- Can you get the team to communicate and collaborate on one platform?

- Can you make your paper-based marketing side of the business more digital?

- Can you get business cards digitized?

- Can you get your team on digital processes?

There are endless programs and software out there, so try to get comfortable with that notion and start embracing it, to get the most positive results.

Since joining mypage, which is one of the solutions to the above questions, mypage is a mobile networking and marketing tool. An eco-friendly, safe and secure way to instantly share your business details, social media, weblinks, and contact details simply by scanning the QR code displayed on your phone. I’ve come to realize that there are many different programs and software’s out there which help and assist many to most companies transitioning to a more online way of work and I undoubtedly know there are solutions out there for you.

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When thinking online, start quantifying and measuring monthly and quarterly goals. Have a plan, set targets, and set goals. The only way you’re going to know when you get there, is by measuring and tracking results.

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