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Karl, Kia Kaha Studios

“I love the response I get when sharing mypage.”

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Fern, Allfit 24/7 Fitness

“This is amazing and loving it.”

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Manik -
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7 colorful digital business cards fanned out with icons and wording of what you can link to with mypage as your service provider.

Everything you need, all on one page!

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A responsive web page

For you to add details, websites, videos, documents, your online store, location or even your next event...
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Share your digital business card

Using your QR code or send it via text, email or social media. Anyone can receive it, no app required.
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Link in bio

Include your link in your social media bio's, making your content go further and connect your online audience.
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Add a QR code to your marketing

Power your networking and marketing. QR codes promote interaction, engagement & elevates customer experiences.
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How it works?

Choice of themes of mypage service


Sign up, choose a theme & style your page.

add image/photo, documents and video in blue and white colors


Add your details, profile photo & attach your socials.

5 colorful cards fanned out with icons and wording of what you can link and build with mypage website builder.


Start adding what you'd like to share, & you're good to go!

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For anyone in any industry

Whether you're in sales, marketing, real estate, or fitness. Whether you sell products online, promote music, a blog, or if you're an influencer. Networking in person and online, mypage is for everyone! All the way to construction, owning your own business, being in a startup or even a franchise.

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From dividual to enterprise

Whether you're a team of 2 or 500, mypage can be customized for your organization. Give your team the tools they need, keeping your company look, and brand uniform with an easy to use dashboard to manage all users. Just get in touch with our team and we'll set up yours.

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Starting from $ 0 / month

Create mypage profile
QR code
Up to 3 buttons

Digital business card
Add social media
Add videos

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mypage?

Simply put, mypage is a mobile networking and marketing tool. A responsive web page to house all the information you want to share on one single page. You can add business details, social media, web links, web sites and contact details.

Who is mypage for?

For anyone who wants to share information, no matter if you're an individual, employee or company, mypage works for everybody.

How do I share mypage?

You can share mypage both in person via a QR code or online through a text message, email or social media channels. You can incorporate your QR code or unique link into all your marketing material and guide visitors from presentations to email signatures to company branding, online forms and even shop front signage.

Is mypage free?

Yes, we have a free option. In fact, we have 3 plans. Free, Pro and Teams, depending on your needs will depend on which plan suits you best. View our pricing page for more info.

Do I need any app?

No, mypage is a web application that runs on a web browser.

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