Buttons explained

Explaining what buttons are, what they can do, and how to create them.
James Schulze
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Let's talk about adding buttons onto mypage.

What are buttons?

We have a few pre-designed buttons, that provide different actions, for you to choose from.

We'll go through a few of them, and explain what you can do, how to add one, and how many you should have.

First things first, let's go through what almost every button has.

You will see there are 4 fields. For you to input information at the top of each button.

Title, Subtitle, Action text and Colour.

We'll go through the first example, using a digital business card.

A digital business card

Title: For this example, we're going to call it a "Digital business card"

Subtitle: For this example, we're going to say, "Get more information"

Action Text: Is the action you want the user to do, we're going to say "Click me"

Colour: Allows you to change the colour of the button. We've gone with purple here.

So if a user lands on the page, they're going to read the button as follows: "Digital business card. Get more information. Click me"

In the example, you can see you've labeled what the button is, what they will get, and what you want them to do.

This is a great way of thinking about all the buttons when it comes to labels.

When it comes to labels, keep it simple. Label the button as what it is. When it comes to actions or subtitles, think of what you want the user to do, or what they can expect.

Subtitles can be longer than a few words, if that's your desired outcome. It could even read a sentence like, "Never miss another opportunity, save your spot and save 33% by booking this service today!"

That might look like a long sentence to add onto a button. And that's because it is. But, if that's the desired out come, and it still makes sense, while looking great. Well then, why not? 

Digital business card button

As the name suggests, it is a business card but in the digital sense. You can label the business card anything you like, we like "Digital business card", as it highlights exactly what it is. You can go in and change it, to just "Business card", or "Electronic business card", or "My contact card" or even "My details". You can call the button anything you like, but the actions, remain the same.

The action of the button, is a vCard.

What is a vCard?

The full name is, a virtual card. It stores the information you put in it, and allows the person visiting your page, and clicking on this button, the option to save it directly onto their phone, or to interact with it. Without having to type all the details in.

It's as simple as that, with just a click of a button.

A virtual card

So what information should you put in here?

  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email
  4. Phone number
  5. Your company, or the one you work at
  6. The position you hold

This information allows the end user to save your details directly onto their phone, saving you and them, time. It also allows them to call or email you. An easy and simple way to exchange contact details.

Video and Image button

A mypage video button. Off white colour background with a video icon in the centre.

As with the other buttons, you have Title, Subtitle and colour. There is no Action text for Video or Image. This allows for more space to show your video or your image. Here, you will give the button a Title, a Subtitle, and choose your colour.

For the video, you need to add a link to your video. You can choose one off your YouTube channel, or any video you've uploaded online. With the image, you can display it by uploading one, as well as a link to wherever it might be.

A user visiting your mypage can either watch the video inside the button, or if they click on the bottom of the button, it can take them to your channel online.

We like to promote images and videos, as this has proven to be a really great way to enhance engagement from visitors.

Document button

Here is where you can upload a PDF document. Your document can be any PDF you like.

If it's a price list, a read on your products or services, your terms of conditions, or any other document relating to your industry.

Any bit of information you want to share with your users. Just upload with the click of a button.

About button

Think of a website. A lot of websites have an About Us page. This is the same as that. A place where you can tell your visitors about you, your brand or your company.

A text block with options to design the text, add images add links, upload and ave the button.

In here, you can upload an image, add text, make it bold, give it an underline. You can give your text headings, links to other webpages, and even add bullet points.

This is quite a powerful button, as it can have quite a bit in it. You might need to spend a little time exploring this button, and think of what you'd like to add here, and how best to present it to your visitors.

*Pro Tip - If you're linking text or a word, within the text block area, remember to use the full URL. Including the "https://" part, for example =

Website button

A green button with white text, to display that you can link websites on mypage.

As with all the other buttons, you have the same options for: Title, Subtitle and Action Text, as well as being able to change the colour of the button.

But here comes the "Link" option. This is the field where you add your website URL or link in. Then when a user taps this button, your website should appear.

Other buttons

Same concept as the website button, goes for a few of the other buttons:

Services button

Add your website services page URL to here, or any other web page to showcase your services.

Music button

This is where you can add your Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube channel, or any other link where you keep your music. You can even add your favorite tracks from your library for people to follow or listen to.

Online store  

If you have an online store on either your website, or a Shopify account, or any other web page where you sell products, you can link this button to it.

Booking button

If you have a calendar or booking system or software, you can add the link to that page here. Allowing visitors to instantly make a booking with you.

Events button

This is where you can add a simple google location, or a Facebook page or a page off your website. Wherever your events are promoted, link this button to it, for extra exposure.


As by now, I'm sure you can tell, you can add any URL link to a button. That's why we created the "Any URL" button. Here you can get creative, a blog from your website, a signup form to your newsletter, your latest recipe, your latest articles, pretty much if it has a link, you can add it here.

Custom button

Now it gets creative. Here you can customize the button even further. You can adjust the icon. We have a wide range of icons for you to choose from.

You can also give the button an action. Such as, an about action, website or URL link, a PDF document or another digital business card.

That's right! You can even set yourself up with a second digital business card. This is for those of you out there that need 2. 1 for work, and 1 for personal.


Now you know how to add buttons. The question becomes, how many should I add?

Well, that is entirely up to you. As the company name is mypage, that's exactly what this is. Your page! The great thing is, you can put whatever you like on it.

We do recommend keeping it simple. Just provide the information you want to share and the information you think is most valuable to your visitors. Anywhere between 3 to 8 buttons should be enough.

Remember, it's a marketing and networking tool. So you want to provide visitors a great way to get in touch with you, see what products and services you offer, who you are, and if you can include some videos and images, then we think that is a well rounded mypage.

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