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What are all the buttons on the bottom of mypage?
Simon Pollock
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What do all the buttons on the bottom of mypage do?

Good question! That's exactly how you Share & Connect.

Starting from left,


This allows the person visiting your mypage the opportunity to quickly reach out to you, by email. A simple form with their name, email, number, and a message. After they've filled in the form and hit send, you can expect an email coming your way.


This is the way you can share it. You can send your unique link via text, email, WhatsApp, social media or Airdrop. Anyone can receive it, no app required.

'QR code'

Elevate customer experiences by simply scanning the QR Code, and allowing for easy access.

Pro Tip: Add your QR code to your videos, email signature, presentations, PDF’s & everywhere you are online. Not online? Showcase your business with a QR code on your packaging, brochures, flyers, posters or any advertisements you like.


This is where you can add mypage to your phones home screen, for easy access and quick sharing.  Learn more


Always gets you back to the top of your profile any time you need.

Build a networking tool that works for you.
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