How it works?

In just a few easy steps you can have a page of your own!

mypage themes

Get started

Choose a pre designed theme. Then style it and change the colours to suit you, your brand or your company.


Add all your info

Fill in all your details, choose your link, upload your profile image and attach your socials!

3 pages of a image placeholder, a video place holder and a document placeholder to show what a user can add onto the service
5 colorful digital business cards fanned out with icons and wording of what you can link to with mypage as your service provider.

Now for the fun bit!

Start adding buttons. Add as many buttons as you like. A digital business card, your website, online store, a booking calendar, a link to your next event. You can link a button to any URL you like.

It's that simple!

Now what do you do after you've built your perfect page?

Start sharing

Share your mypage using your QR code on your phone, or send it via text, email or social media. Anyone can receive it, no app required.
A phone with a QR code on it.
mypage link with social media icons floating around to show what you can link to with your mypage web page builder.

Use link in bio

Most social media platforms give you the option to add a link in your bio. Use your new unique link and paste it to all your social media channels, allowing you to connect your online customers and followers, onto one simple page.

Customise on the go

Easily update your contact details, work info, email, files and links on the go. Making it simple & easy to keep up to date.
a mobile phone with a mypage on it with floating buttons saying what you can do with the product and how you can customize it

Success stories

“I love the response I get when sharing mypage.”

Picture of a person
Fern, Allfit 24/7 Fitness

“We use our QR code on our packaging to give our customers an easy way to learn more about our products and services.”

Swole Foods, NZ

"I highly recommend this as a great marketing tool!"

Picture of a person
Karl, Kia Kaha Studios
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