About us

We are a New Zealand based startup, working with our partners and developers, on providing an easy to use web page to help people share, connect and communicate.

The city of Auckland, New Zealand, with high buildings, Auckland sky tower, and the waterfront, right next to the ocean.

To us, it's not just about building software we believe in. It's about creating as much value as possible, by creating a well-designed, functional, easy-to-use, digital sharing platform.

Our story

In 2019, our 2 founders started discussing how they can start a really great business together. They asked what problem can they solve? Who can they help? The most obvious problem everywhere, was the climate crisis. How could they contribute towards a solution in some way?

Then, during their discussions in early 2020, the global pandemic hit, and changed the world as we knew it. Covid-19 will leave a lasting imprint on the economy, causing permanent and teaching important lessons

Through this, the seed of how they can help people was planted, through utilizing QR codes. Thus, the beginning of mypage was born, a single web page to help people share and connect, both in person and online. A web page to house any information you want, and share it instantly. A way to share contactless, a way to digitize print and marketing material, and a way to help individuals and small businesses network easier.

Over the last 2 and a half years through this journey, what they have come to realize is that what they are building, is not only a digital way to transform your printing needs, but a powerful networking and marketing tool, which can help individuals and companies grow their network, brand and businesses.

What this has all built up to, makes us proud to share our vision with others. Our hope is to make a small contribution to many people, and we hope, you can join us on the journey.

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