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A phone with blue tags with wording, on what you can link onto this web page, written in white.

All your info on one page

Add as many links on your page as you like. Contact details, websites, videos, documents, your online store, location or even your next event...

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Add media like images, videos, infographics, and other visuals to your content to improve messaging and user experience.
A webpage on a mobile phone with a profile photo, name of user with a video block underneath. Next to the phone is a video block, a real estate listing showing a house with another video below showing a fitness class
A mobile phone shape with social media icons floating on the phone, to show what you can link to, with your mypage website builder.

Let's get social

Easily connect all your social media accounts onto one simple page, to help update, share & engage with your followers.

Success stories

“I love the response I get when sharing mypage.”

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Fern, Allfit 24/7 Fitness

"Makes life easy when you need to share with new customers on the go."

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Andrew, UK

“Works a treat.”

Saskia van der Geest
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