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Measure your analytics to help better understand your customers, evaluate your marketing efforts, personalize content, create strategies and develop products.

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Gain insights

Better understand your audience to improve their user experience

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Why use analytics?

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Improve decision making

Analytics eliminates much of the guesswork from seeing who visits what on your page, choosing what content to create, developing products and more
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Effective marketing

When you understand your audience better, you can market to them more effectively. Data analytics also gives you useful insights into how your mypage is performing, so that you can fine-tune for optimal outcomes.
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More efficient operations

Data analytics can help you streamline your processes, save money and boost your bottom line. When you have an improved understanding of what your audience wants, you waste less time on creating ads and content that don’t match your audience’s interests.

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"I highly recommend this as a great marketing tool!"

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Karl, Kia Kaha Studios

“I love the response I get when sharing mypage.”

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Fern, Allfit 24/7 Fitness
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